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Couples Counselling in Bury St Edmunds – Close Couples Talk all the Time

couples counselling bury st edmunds

Couples Counselling in Bury St Edmunds and surrounding areas.

Get your relationship back on track.

Being part of a couple and making a relationship/marriage work long term can be really hard and requires effort from both partners. Couples can love each other but for some reason the relationship doesn’t work anymore and has stopped making either of you happy. Perhaps you have become unhappy with your partner because you feel they have changed and you can’t understand why.

There could be other factors (eg)

■ Problems with step children and the integrating of two families
■ One partner wanting children and the other, not!
■ Jealousy
■ Control Issues
■ Selfishness
■ No time to spend together
■ Work commitments
■ Issues with intimacy

Maybe there has been an infidelity and although the relationship is suffering at present, both partners want to move past it and find happiness again.

Couples counselling can help this happen and you can re-establish those bonds and get the relationship you want. Communication and understanding each other are the key to having the relationship you want – close couples talk all the time!

For help, call Emma on 01284 752845 / 07469 191419 or e-mail for relationship counselling in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and surrounding areas.

relationship counselling bury st edmunds

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