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Latest News is a page where I share information on counselling and mental health issues…. read on….

Winter blues and SAD

Winter can be depressing for a lot of summer sun lovers and SAD is on the increase so I have located some information which I hope you will find useful.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may affect as many as a third of us, but the problem often goes undiagnosed.  For more information on SAD – please click on the logo below for more information:

Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder

You can use this flowchart which could help you make some decisions that can effect change.

Are you Happy?

Latest News – why try talking treatments? – From website

Talking treatments can help you to overcome emotional difficulties and free yourself from self-destructive ways of feeling, thinking and behaving. They work by providing an opportunity for you to talk in a way that assists you to understand yourself better. Having gained this understanding, you can work out ways of living your life in a more positive and constructive way.

This way of changing your life is very different from using drugs, such as tranquillisers and antidepressants, which doctors often prescribe for people who are emotionally distressed. These drugs change your mood by affecting the balance of chemicals in your body, but do not help you to deal with underlying problems.

People who use mental health services often prefer talking treatments to drugs. Research has proven that talking treatments can be just as helpful as drugs for many mental health problems and suggests they should be offered as well as, or instead of, medication, when possible. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) makes recommendations to GPs and hospital doctors about treating mental health problems. They often suggest forms of talking treatment that are brief, cost-effective and supported by clinical evidence. This does not necessarily mean that they are always the best form of talking treatment for you.

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